MPUs in the US (if you work on an US unit please complete the survey via the link below!)

Study in progress

Luc A.W. Jansen MSc (manager of health procurement and researcher)

Our research team is currently researching how many Complexity Intervention Units (CIUs), also known as Medical Psychiatric Units (MPUs), exist in the United States. In addition to identifying the number of units, we are also exploring how these units are run. Through a series of screening surveys, we identified 78 units out of 2,400 hospitals. We are currently in contact with unit program workers to obtain more information about these units. The primary reasons we are conducting this research is to 1) Understand how CIUs/MPUs function in the United States; 2) Understand what opportunities they offer for improving patient care and hospital outcomes; and 3) Begin to discern how more can be created.

If you work on an US MPU/CIU we would like to ask you to complete our survey via the link below. We give one 100 dollar Amazone giftcard per unit that completes the survey!